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New York Social Security Disability Attorneys

5 Helpful Tips for a Social Security Disability case

  • Seek treatment from a medical doctor.
  • Contact the Social Security Administration to see if you can apply for benefits.
  • If you are eligible, file your application and keep copies of all documents.
  • If you are denied, take immediate action.
  • Contact a New York Social Security Disability Attorney immediately to protect your rights.

Many people don’t know they are entitled to disability benefits through the Social Security Administration.  There are several different types of disability benefits provided through the Social Security Administration.  However, the Social Security law makes proving your disability difficult.

You may qualify for Social Security disability benefits if you have a severe medical impairment (physical or mental).  The Social Security law places restrictions on how you can prove your medical impairment.  You must also prove that your medical impairment prevents you from working or performing “substantial gainful activity.”  The definition of “substantial gainful activity” is determined by the Social Security Administration.  Your age, education, work experience and other factors may affect your claim for disability benefits through the Social Security Administration.

If you prove that you are disabled under the Social Security law, you may receive monthly disability payments for you and your family.  In addition, you and your family may qualify for health insurance through Medicare or Medicaid.

The Social Security Administration will not grant you benefits just because you apply for them.  You must obtain and submit substantial evidence to prove your disability.  Most applicants must also be examined by Social Security Administration doctors and request hearings before a Judge in order to prove a disability.  Some applicants must appeal their case to Federal Court.  Delays in filing a hearing request or an appeal may result in lost benefits.  At BBNR, there is an experienced team of New York Social Security Disability lawyers to help you obain your Social Security Disability benefits in a prompt manner.

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