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Injured construction worker needs Workers Compensation Lawyers

Experiences of a Personal Injury Trial Attorney

By Brand Brand Nomberg & Rosenbaum, LLP |

It is difficult for most clients to appreciate how much a trial attorney works when he is on trial. An experienced trial attorney lives and breathes the case every day the trial starts until it is completed. Despite preparing for years on a case, when a trial is in process, you wake up each… Read More »

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motor vehicle accident injury

10 Most Important Tips If Injured in a Motor Vehicle Accident

By Brand Brand Nomberg & Rosenbaum, LLP |

1. If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident and injured, call the police and an ambulance. If you have no documentation that an accident occurred and you suffered an injury immediately afterwards, it will be more difficult to prove a personal injury case. If the driver left the scene of the accident,… Read More »

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BBNR helps maintain legal protections for Injured Construction Workers

By Brand Brand Nomberg & Rosenbaum, LLP |

The 12 ton heating/air conditioning unit that fell from a crane on Sunday, May 31, 2015, two blocks from my midtown office and then collided numerous times with the building on the way down could have been deadly if someone was standing directly below. New construction in NYC is on the rise and so… Read More »

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