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Car accident victims should find an experienced personal injury law firm to protect their legal rights

motor vehicle accident injury

Recently in 2011 a client of ours received almost a half a million dollar settlement for a case that another lawyer rejected believing they could not get any recovery. The case involved a 46 year old man, Mr. R., who was employed by a car dealership to valet cars coming in for service in Manhattan. One day he was walking towards a taxi scheduled to be serviced and while opening the drivers side door he was sideswiped by a rental storage trailer hitched to a passing car. The man was first struck on his right hip and as the trailer continued past it pushed the taxi door backwards and off the hinge. The pedestrian was taken to the hospital emergency room and released later that day. He followed up treatment with an orthopedist.

The driver argued that the pedestrian had opened the taxi door into his passing vehicle and therefore it was the pedestrians own fault. The driver also argued that the pedestrian negligently failed to see the car coming. The driver lastly argued that he was the spouse of a foreign diplomat and therefore had complete immunity from a lawsuit.

Mr. R’s case was rejected by his first lawyer after a short period of time. Mr. R came to the BBNR law firm hoping we would take his case and be able to help him. After we reviewed the records and met in our office, we told the gentleman we believed we could help him and accepted the case. Our client suffered a disc herniation in his neck with shooting pains down his arms. He eventually underwent a cervical surgery to relieve his pain. Mr. R. also underwent arthroscopic surgery on his left shoulder for a torn tendon from the accident. We were able to represent our client for a Workers Compensation case as well as the personal injury case since he was working at the time of the accident.

In 2011, shortly before the scheduled trial date, the case settled at a mediation conference I attended for $450,000. If the client had accepted the legal advice of the prior lawyer and never came to our office, he would have lost nearly half a million dollar recovery.

You should always look for an experienced personal injury law firm to help you if you’re involved in an accident to protect your legal rights. BBNR is a prestigious personal injury law firm doing business for over 40 years in New York State. Many lawyers advertise they practice personal injury but have little experience. Some of these lawyers only refer their cases to more experienced law firms to handle and advertise large verdicts even though they have never tried a case in court.

I have been trying cases in all different courthouses in New York State for the past 16 years with numerous multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements. We handle all our own cases and never refer a New York case to another law firm. Feel free to call me with any questions you have about your potential accident case and I will personally answer all your questions. We handle all accident cases as well as Medical Malpractice, Workers Compensation, and Social Security Disability cases. We also speak Polish, Spanish, and Russian. See our website for more information or just call for a free consultation.

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