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Slip, Trip and Fall Lawyers in New York City

5 Helpful Tips for a Slip, Trip and Fall case

Call the police and an ambulance if someone is injured.
Report the accident to the owner of the property.
Obtain the names, addresses, and phone numbers of all witnesses to the accident.
Obtain photographs of the accident site and your injuries.
Contact a New York slip, trip and fall attorney immediately to protect your rights.

Every day people are seriously injured from fallsAn owner and property management company are responsible for keeping their premises in a reasonably safe condition to prevent people from sustaining injury. Premises Liability is every New York City building owner’s responsibility. Although walkways and sidewalks are not required to be in perfect condition, they must be reasonably safe to prevent a person from tripping. Property owners are required to maintain safe stairways, walkways, and handrails and comply with new York State and local building codes. Uneven stair risers, loose handrails, and loose steps are all dangerous conditions that can cause an accident.

Negligence or fault must be shown by first showing that an unsafe condition exists.  In addition, the owner must: 1) know about the unsafe condition prior to the accident, 2) through reasonable inspection, should have known about the unsafe condition or 3) have directly caused the unsafe condition.

Strict time limitations exist to commence a lawsuit for a trip, slip, or fall accident. In New York State, the time to commence such an action may depend upon who is injured, who the potential defendant is, as well as the enactment of new laws and judicial decisions interpreting the law.  Computing the time limitations is not a simple matter and a person should promptly consult an experienced New York slip, trip and fall attorney.