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Personal Injury Lawyer in New York

5 Helpful Tips for a NYC Personal Injury case

Seek treatment from a medical doctor if injured.
Take pictures to corroborate the accident, dangerous condition, and injuries.
Report all work accidents to your employer with an accident report and keep a copy of all documents submitted.
Get the names of all witnesses to your accident.
Contact a New York personal injury lawyer immediately to protect your rights.

Personal injury litigation is a complex area of law that requires years of experience to properly handle a case.  The law is filled with numerous time limitations for various procedures that if not followed can irreparably harm a client’s case.  The value of a New York personal injury case is dependent on proving liability (fault) and proving damages (injuries).  A weakness or strength in either one will affect the value of the case.

Every personal injury case can take a significant amount of time and resources to prosecute the action.  While an auto case may cost several thousand dollars to prosecute before trial, a medical malpractice action can cost over $10,000 to litigate before trial.  The biggest cost of a trial is paying the doctors for their time to testify.  Many orthopedic surgeons charge $5,000 to $10,000 to testify.  When deciding whether to settle a case, we always have to weigh the additional litigation costs of proceeding to trial.

The best way a client can help with his case is by keeping in constant contact with his personal injury lawyer about his or her treatment.  By doing this, the personal injury lawyer in New York can prepare the case adequately for trial.