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Personal Injury Lawyers NYC


BBNRLaw_helpcenter_video_bestmomentsFor over 40 years, BBNR has protected those wrongfully injured by obtaining million dollar verdicts and settlements on behalf of accident and medical malpractice victims in New York State. If a person’s complete disregard for common sense causes another human being to suffer, New York State law holds that person responsible for that incompetence, as a deterrent and as a matter of justice. The law treats corporations, business, and municipalities with the same standards of competence. In the civil law we call a breach of this standard “negligence.” For doctors, we call this breach “malpractice.”

People injured from on the job accidents and those who suffer a disability also require the best legal representation. Our Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability Department is comprised of an experienced team of professionals who care and understand how important it is to promptly receive medical and wage benefits when you’re unable to work and care for yourself.

Other law firms refer us cases to litigate because of our reputation as serious trial personal injury lawyers. Our aggressiveness in court, knowledge of the law, and compassion for our clients defines and distinguishes our firm.

From the inception, you will receive a free consultation from one of our experienced New York personal injury trial attorneys about your possible case.  If we take your case at BBNR, there is absolutely no legal fee unless we win.  It is our diligence and reputation that helps the majority of our personal injury cases settle well before trial.

New York personal injury cases can take a considerable time to litigate depending upon a number of factors. Throughout this litigation process, you will always be able to reach your personal injury attorney by phone or personal meeting to discuss your case and answer questions along the way. Not returning phone calls is unprofessional and unacceptable.

We take a team approach with all members of the firm to uncover the truth and gather evidence in order to prove your personal injury case in court.

At BBNR, every personal injury New York client is treated with respect and every case is aggressively prosecuted to obtain a prompt and successful result.